Kallistra intro

since 1973

We are located in the outskirts of Eindhoven, a town in the south of Holland. Our cats live in the house with us and are always a part of the family. Click here to find the way to our home.

I acquired my first cat, a brown Burmese boy, in 1970 and a brown Burmese girl in 1972. I used to breed Burmese, in the classic colours brown, blue, chocolate and lilac, based on pure English lines (since 1973).

Furthermore, as I was always attracted to something special, I developed the cinnamon (and fawn) colour in the Burmese, together with cattery van d'Ekster.
I started the breeding programme for the cinnamons using an Abyssinian (1978), resulting in the birth of ticked tabby Burmese (1981), after some generations, of course nowadays officially called Asians.

Later on in the cinnamon breeding programme, we used a cinnamon Oriental Shorthair (1989). Generations later, we also got Burmese type selfs, called Asians (UK) or Mandalays (NZ).

Always, in all those years I was breeding Burmese, I also had one Rex cat. Have a look at the tribute to our last Cornish Rex friend. Later (2001) I became the proud owner of a Devon Rex girl, a cinnamon carrier related to my cinnamon Burmese, bred by cattery van Cromwyck. I fell in love with the Devon Rex breed and gradually changed over to breeding Devon Rex instead of Burmese.

Of course this a FeLV and FIV negative household. Already several of my breeding cats have been tested on PKD1 through DNA testing. Most of them have been checked on Luxating Patella. HCM screening I have started to have that done, through ultrasound. Results will be put on the website.