Kallistra ticked tabbies

NZCF: ticked tabby Burmese
(UK GCCF: ticked tabby Asians with Burmese Colour Restriction)


In 1979 I bred my first ticked tabby with Burmese colour restriction. I believe I was one of the very first - the Asian was not yet "invented". These cats were registered as tabby Burmese. On the picture below one of the cats from that early breeding:

Kallistra Eukarpos, blue tabby ticked (1982)

Around the same time a breeding program was started in New Zealand to breed silver Burmese, using a tabby Burmese/Siamese hybrid and a silver tabby domestic shorthair. The first silver tabby Burmese was born on 25/12/1982. After some years of selective breeding (mating to Burmese, always retaining the silver inhibitor) the silvers received recognition with the NZCF in 1986. The ticked tabbies I breed now originate in New Zealand. I acquired

Gr.Int.Ch.Cineole Princess Josephine (retired), red silver tabby ticked, imported from New Zealand, a grand daughter of the first silver Champion Khivette Rebel. She became the foundation queen of my ticked tabbies.

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