Kallistra Burmese

the new colours cinnamon and fawn

Kallistra Daiquiri, cinnamon Burmese girl

Kallistra Niniane, a beautiful cinnamon Burmese,
proud of herself

Kallistra Drambuie,
one of our first cinnamon Burmese,
relaxing in a typical way

Ch.Kallistra Cimmarron, cinnamon Burmese

(Niniane and Inarna live with Maarten & Bernadette)

For the history of the cinnamon and fawn Burmese in Holland, look here. The story is not complete yet, I am still working on it. More to come!

Our cinnamon and fawn Burmese were bred through an extensive breeding programme using a cinnamon Oriental Shorthair. We started this programme in 1989. The first cinnamon Burmese were born in 1993; the first fawn Burmese in 1998.

Kallistra Inarna, the first fawn Burmese

Kallistra Anakin Skywalker, fawn Burmese

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