Asian (Mandalay)

What are they?

Asian selfs are solid coloured cats of Burmese type, with golden eyes and the Burmese temperament. The solid black has the special name Bombay. In New Zealand, this breed is called Mandalay. They come in black, blue, chocolate, lilac, cinnamon, fawn, red, cream and torties.

This is Kunta Kinte ex Oppidum Ubiorum, a blue Asian self (sired by Kallistra Anakin Skywalker), bred by Susan van Keulen

Breeding history

My breeding programme for cinnamon Burmese was partially based on the black hybrid queen Toestari van Irrawaddy. Her sire was a cinnamon Oriental Shorthair. On 3/7/1991 she gave birth to her first litter of 7 babies, 2 blacks, 3 brown Burmese, 2 chocolate Burmese (boys) and a chocolate self (girl). The 3 chocolates all carried cinnamon. The chocolate girl of Burmese type, Kallistra Amazonia went to Dien de Kok, cattery van d'Ekster.

Amazonia as a tiny baby

Dien de Kok also had a black hybrid El Chiridah's Pluisje's Petrousjka, her dam being a fawn Oriental Shorthair. She has had 3 kittens on 18/3/1991, one of them also being a chocolate self of Burmese type, a male, Albenez van d'Ekster.

On 21/12/1992 Albenez and Amazonia became the parents of 3 kittens, one of them being a cinnamon self girl, Ambika van d'Ekster.

To improve the Burmese type, Ambika was mated to the sturdy lilac Danish import male of old English lines Gr.Int.Ch.Bjelke's Goofi, and on 09/03/1997 she gave birth to 3 kittens, one of them being a lilac self girl, Bika van d'Ekster.

Bika was mated to the chocolate Burmese Gr.Int.Ch.Kallistra Toblerone, whose dam was also from typey English lines. On 17/5/1998 she had 5 kittens. The chocolate self girl Alette van d'Ekster was kept for further breeding.

Alette was mated to the cinnamon boy Ch.Kallistra Cimmarron and gave birth to 6 babies on 7/8/1999, one of them being a cinnamon self, Helena van d'Ekster.

Alette van d'Ekster, chocolate Asian, with her babies sired by Ch.Kallistra Cimmarron (cinnamon Burmese).

lilac and cinnamon Asian girls and cinnamon Burmese boy; the cinnamon girl is Helena van d'Ekster

To make another improvement in type, Helena van d'Ekster was mated to the brown Burmese boy Int.Ch.Kallistra Euripides, of pure English lines. She gave birth to 8 kittens on 20/9/2000. One of the blacks, Ch.Afra II van d'Ekster, was kept for further breeding.

In Afra's first litter, born on 7/1/2002, sired by the chocolate Burmese boy Gr.Int.Ch.Kallistra Duke Leto, a cinnamon carrier whose sire is a pure Burmese from Finland, there was again a cinnamon self girl, Aida van d'Ekster. She came to live with me, 6 generations after Kallistra Amazonia.

Aida is the second on the left

Helena went to live in cattery van 't Ganzenhof. This is her daughter Akira, born on 8/6/2002, sired by Gr.Int.Ch.Kallistra Duke Leto.

Akira van 't Ganzenhof, a goodlooking chocolate Asian girl